DONNA DEITCH’S sultry, sexy movie is this year’s ‘Diva’—a movie that comes out of ‘nowhere’ to create a sensation. Desert Hearts is completely accessible, no matter what battles you fight in the sex wars. Patricia Charbonneau and Helen Shaver are both excellent.
— Bruce Kirkland, THE TORONTO SUN
UNABASHEDLY EROTIC. An astonishingly assured debut by Patricia Charbonneau.
STARTLINGLY INTIMATE and unabashedly erotic—a remarkably self-assured, landmark film
— Michael Rechtshoffen, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
CHARBONNEAU is winning. Lindley is really memorable—that this largely unheralded actress could affect the creation of a character so different from her smartass Mrs. Roper on ‘Three’s Company’ is a revelation as wonderful as the film’s sensitive treatment of lesbianism.
— Michael Musto, SATURDAY REVIEW
THE MOST ROMANTIC lesbian film of all time!
A PASSIONATE, BEAUTIFULLY CONTROLLED DRAMA about making choices and exercising the heart: in a word, about living.
— The Times of London